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At long last my notifications are empty! :la: 
Now to just keep them that way. lol :) 
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 Early access to comic pages. 
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 All Tier 1 rewards.

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Any question at all are welcome. :) 
I haven't completely cleared out my notifications here on DA in quite some time but I'm going to make a point to do so this week. So if I comment on something you posted like 6 months ago I'm sorry and also you're welcome. lol :)  
Jasmine concept sketch/ character preview
This might just be my favorite character of mine that I've ever created. So much fun to draw, man! :la:
 Her names Jasmine, she'll be a character in A Witching Tale a little farther on in the story. This is one of many concept drawings for her so everything you see here is subject to change but you know how that is. I just had to share this. haha 

Oh! almost forgot, this was drawn in Paintstorm Studio. :) 
Happy new year! :) Let's briefly discus 2016 in relation to my art.
Last year marked my first time running a table at a full blown convention. I've done Free Comic Book Day at my locale comic shop for years but that's kind of minor leagues.
I illustrated a children's book for the first time by the name of Meet Little Miss Lucy Lu. It's regrettable that the writer of said book chose to name the main character so similarly to the main character of my comic but, eh, I wasn't going to let that keep me from the job. haha
I started streaming, I started making youtube videos, I've gotten a lot more focused on A Witching Tale and in turn on providing an excellent value for my patrons, I've even taken part in and completed a month long art challenge. In short it was a wonderful year for me and my art. 

Okay, now let me tell you all the ways I plan to make 2017 way better! :D 
My number one priority art wise this year will be A Witching Tale. I'm releasing a new page at least once a month even if it kills me. lol (Don't worry, it wont.) I want to seriously get this ball rolling. I plan to have the first physical issue of the comic available by summer or sooner. This will require more than a page a month, I know, but yes.
The before mentioned children's book will likely have a follow up released this year as well. Chances are pretty good that this year will see the release of the board game I've been creating lots of art for by the working title of Convention Invention. 
I plan on doing some more cons although I'm still in the deciding process on how many and which ones even. lol I'll probably be doing SC Comicon again at least. 
Inktober will happen again when October comes around. This time around it will be a full blown one shot comic focused on June (the vampire from last time) and all of her friends. If it's met with a positive response I'm sure I'll send it to print. Also, while we're talking about month long art challenging, I'm totally going to take part in March or Robots once March get's here. I've played with the idea of a story for it also but I think I'll have more fun with this one just messing around and making cool robotics. 
I've kind of fallen off the weekly streaming thing over the last couple months but I'd like to get back in that groove. I'll certainly still be streaming even if I do miss a few here and there. 
Lastly let me mention a little bit about the comic I'd like to make once A Witching Tale concludes. It's going to be a sci-fi comic, which is probably all I've ever said about it publicly. lol The story will be told mostly from the perspective of two teenage sisters who will be travailing with their grandfather on his star ship. The ship will have a military style of crew mostly (think Star Trek). They'll be on a somewhat scientific mission. I don't want to say to much, it's still in very early writing stages. Let me just say it's going to be fucking amazing creating and sharing this with all of you. I'll be designing characters and all kinds of stuff for this comic this year. 

I hope 2017 brings each of us the willpower and drive to achieve all our goals. I invite you to come along on my creative journey for another year and wish you luck on yours. 

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Want to see me on your favorite site? Let me know and you just might. :) 
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